Civ 5 Mod: Fight A Skynet Uprising 

A recent study project by the University of Cambridge, has left Civilization V players with a new Mod to try out for their gaming pleasure. This Mod concentrates on the human race stopping the eventual rise of Skynet and was made by the Universities Centre for The Study of Existential Risk (CSER) to highlight the risk that uncontrolled artificial intelligence could pose to civilization.

CSER gave an explanation on how the Mod does this on their website, stating that “In the modified game, artificial intelligence initially provides benefits, and eventually can turn into Super intelligence that brings mastery of science to its discoverer. However, if there is to little investment in AI safety research, rogue Super intelligence can destroy humanity and bring an instant loss of the game.”

This new development of the sciences in Civ will likely have more than a few players finding themselves facing an uprising – especially me. I tend to forget little factors when faced with an overly aggressive opponent on the Civ map, and the fact that my own science department might turn on me seems like something I might overlook by accident.

For those of you who install the Super Intelligence mod the science victory changes from launching a spacecraft to Alpha Centauri to you now developing a safe and secure advanced AI. That said, once you hit the modern Era in your development I would suggest you invest a lot of resources to building AI safety labs or else you’ll find yourself with a serious problem before you know it.
Bombardment by machines is what I’m imagining, and it is not a way to go. maxresdefault (3)

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