Pokemon Go Holiday Event Adds Pokemon

Pokemon Go is having some holiday celebrations this year, gifting trainers with some new goodies in the Christmas season. The holiday event lasts from December 21st until January 4th, giving gamers some cool discounts and giveaways – along with new Pokemon to be acquired from the Hoenn region.

Niantic has been teasing the addition of some ice and water type Pokemon to go along with the frigid season. The Pokemon range from common types such as Snorunt and Luvdisc, as well as less common Pokemon like the legendary Kyogre.

To those who have been collecting the different hat wearing Pikachu, it’s worth noting that the Santa hat Pikachu will also be making a reappearance.


From the 22nd of December at 1 p.m. PT to the 25th, players will also be able to receive an egg incubator from the first PokeStop they visit each day. They will also be able to buy lure modules, super incubators, and a new item called Star Pieces – which ups the amount of stardust collected when catching a Pokemon – at a reduced price.

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