Pokemon Go Update: New Weather System and Pokemon

Pokemon Go is adding new creatures to the game in the upcoming patch, downloading Pokemon from Sapphire and Ruby to Niantic’s mobile game. A host of at least fifty new creatures will be available to catch for trainers around the world, including noteable ones such as Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko. While the whole host of Pokemon coming to the game haven’t been made known to the public, I’m sure many gamers will feel a whole host of love for the upcoming nostalgia.

On top of getting a whole host of Pokemon to the game, we are also getting some changes to the way the system works. With real-life weather and climate conditions now changing to reflect the real world, and actually change what type of Pokemon will be made available to all of us due to the weather conditions around us. For example, Niantic says you might be able to find more Mudkips when it rains, or Snorunt when snow is happening. On top of that, whatever current season your in will also change which Pokemon will likely appear on your gaming device.

This addition of Pokemon is coming on the back of Ho-Oh, the legendary bird, being added to the game. The Pokemon is being available to battle and catch at Gyms until December 12th, so to all of you who need to have a full Pokemon roster – go now and collect him.

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