Street Fighter 5 Christmas DLC

Capcom is dropping off some new DLC content for the Christmas season, and Street Fighter V is the one receiving the gift. Following the festive season, not only will a set of retro clothes be added to the game, but also a series of Christmas themed outfits will be released as well. All in an attempt to add Christmas cheer to your fighting endeavors. 3318146-4148906589-fca9e

There will be 10 DLC outfits released, four of which are holiday based, for Cammy, Alex, Menat and Kolin. However other characters aren’t being forgotten, and are instead receiving some older costume designs from Capcom. Characters Chun-Li, Balrog, Birdie, and Karin will be receiving outfits from previous games such as Street Fighter Alpha 3. 3318151-4741492950-5fc26

All of the DLC skins will be available on PS4 and Steam this November 29th.


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