Hong Kong Massacre Game Looks Like Hotline Miami

An upcoming game from a small Independent Swedish company, Vreski, has some eerily reminiscent qualities of an old fan favorite called Hotline Miami. The game,The Hong Kong Massacre, is a new top down game that features twin stick shooters. The upcoming project is being developed for the PC and was recently announced for the PlayStation 4 as well.

The game itself features a darker, almost noir style, lighting and also seems to have bullet time fighting much like Max Payne. The main premise of the game, according to the development team, is to hunt down the leader of a Japanese gang in modern day Hong Kong. This is done by “finding people in his organization for more clues….When you start the game you have a map with different locations available. These act as levels and you can choose any order you want to visit them. As you get new clues new locations will be unlocked on the map for you to visit.” As you can see the game seems simple enough.

As it stands the game has no current release date.

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