Gameplay from Chemical Plant Zone In Sonic Forces

As the title of the document states, the footage below is from the upcoming Sonic Forces game that is set to release this November 7th on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game itself is similar in design and visuals from previous Sonic games, however a few new mechanics have been worked into the game to diversify the experience.

One such feature is the weapons your custom characters are equipped with, which are called Wispon’s. These weapons grant each person their own unique offensive and navigational abilities. One such example can be seen in the Drill Wispon, which allows players to quickly make their way through enemies or ride up and down walls freely. What Wispon’s can do, and how they will affect your gameplay, is something you must consider at the beginning of every map. As you can bring up to two custom characters with you to each stage, switching between the two to utilize their abilities effectively.

Check out the game footage below to get a feel for the upcoming game and what it has to offer:

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