Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Two Z – Moves

A new trailer has been dropped for the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun. The new trailer shows off some new Z-Moves, as well as the new abilities that have been added to our Pokedex for the upcoming adventure.

As you can see from the above video, the Rotom Dex in Ultra Moon and Sun has an expanded role in the upcoming game. The abilities you gain from the Rotom Dex changes depending on the bond you form with the Rotom Dex in the upcoming game. This bond depends on how often you interact with it, and in turn will create and unlock new traits. One notable trait being the Pokedex’s own Z-Power, which will allow us to use an additional Z-Move per battle. This is a notable change for Pokemon fan’s, as until now you could only use one Z-Move per battle. Which ensured you would hold it in reserve until absolutely necessary to turn the tides of battle, whereas now you can start each battle off with one heck of a bang.

The Rotom will also develop a new feature called the Roto Loto. The new ability will give the Rotom Dex a slot machine-style mini-game which will allow us to gain new items. These items will have a variety of different uses, ranging from an increase in experience or money you can gain per battle, to even speeding up the process of hatching Pokemon eggs.

Pokemon Ultra Moon and Sun releases for the 3DS this November 17th. It is set in the Alola region and tells a new tale for that region, featuring new Pokemon and brand new moves.

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