Overwatch: Another Tweak to Mercy

We know that recently Overwatch’s fastest healer, Mercy, got a heck of a change in the form of her Ultimate being tweaked. This change made Mercy go from a character that could provide giant team resurrections to a character that could now provide a larger healing radius and individual resurrections. That said, it seems like her changes are quite done yet.

Blizzard has decided to tweak Mercy’s newest ultimate, Valkyrie, as they seemingly felt that it gave players a similar ability to the original team resurrection. For those of you who haven’t really given Mercy’s newest change a try, Mercy’s resurrection skill became a normal ability that became available after 30 seconds. However, should a player use the ability and then activate Mercy’s Valkyrie the counter would immediately reset. This would allow Mercy to pull of two player resurrections nearly instantaneously. On top of that, her Valkyrie ability changed the cool down timer from 30 seconds to 10 seconds. Which meant that in total a three man resurrection could still happen, changing the flow of battle and still representing a team resurrection to many frustrated players.image1479775264

Blizzard has changed this previous set up, making Valkyrie unable to reset the abilities cooldown and leaving it unable to affect its timer overall. Instead Valkyrie merely doubles the resurrection range and continues to let you heal multiple teammates at once. A bit of a nerf for the flying healer that will likely have more than a few Mercy mains in an uproar.

These changes are live on the PTR currently but have not made their way to any other platform, as Blizzard might still change their minds about the change.

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