Pokemon Go: Legendary Dogs New Location

For those of you who love Pokemon Go, and enjoy the search for Legendary Pokemon, then here is your chance to add to your collection. As of today the Legendary dogs within Pokemon Go have rotated locations, making Entei, Suicune, and Raikou available in different locations throughout the world.

Just like previous rules, the Legendary dogs will be only available in specific regions for the month of October. This time around, Raikou can be located in Asia-Pacific region while Suicune has made its way to Europe and Africa, and finally we have Entei in America. These Pokemon will only be avaliable until October 31, upon which the Legendary Pokemon will get their final rotation – and thus your final chance to grab them.maxresdefault

For those unaware of how to grab the The Legendary Pokemon, it’s worth mentioning that they appear in Raid Boss Battles at Gyms. During which you will have to go toe to toe with the fearsome Pokemon before you get the chance to capture it.

Happy hunting!

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