Pokemon Go: Equinox Event Extended

To those of you still playing Pokemon Go, the limited time Equinox event has been extended by developers due to players experiencing some server issues. The network seemed to stop many people from logging on to the handheld game, and thus Developers over at Niantic have felt compelled to give gamers another chance.

The server issue has already been resolved, and the Equinox event has been extended until October 3rd according to the developer’s Facebook page. To those who didn’t know about the event, if you participate you can gain double the amount of Stardust for catching Pokemon and hatching Pokemon eggs. On top of that, you can gain triple the amount of XP you gain whenever you register a new Pokemon in the Pokedex.

The last little goodie offered to gamers is that chance to gain special 2km eggs from Gyms and PokeStops during the event. These eggs might hatch into Mareep, Chansey, Larvitar and a variety of other rare Pokemon that you currently don’t have.Pokemon-GO-Super-Incubator-Event-BOOST-Equinox-box-the-best-news-for-trainers-647092

As an important thing to note, for those legendary collector’s, you still have a few days left to capture Raikou, Suicune, and Entei – the legendary dogs from Pokemon Silver and Gold. The three hounds can be found in the game until September 29th, though each is only available in certain regions of the world. With Entei only available in Europe and Africa, Raikou in America, and Suicune in the Asia Pacific region. Once it hits September 30th the dogs will run off to another region of the world, where they will stay for the entirety of October.

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