Nintendo Switch: Adds Classic Mario Game To Roster

The Nintendo Switch has been doing rather well on the market, many places selling out as soon as the console touches down, all this despite the system currently lacking an over abundance of games. That said, today the Switch got an old fan favorite on the Switch Eshop – Mario Bros. The Mario Bros game is the first in a line of Arcade Archive titles, and represents the first of many that came to follow in the Mario universe.

Two players can play and compete in the game, all as the world’s most famous brothers Mario and Luigi. You can use the two players on a single screen, defeating the numerous amounts of enemies as they appear from pipers. However, unlike previous Mario games, gamers can no longer just jump on enemies to get rid of them. Instead gamers must now punch the floor beneath them to turn them over, then kick them to death before they recover.3294124-0974600755-FHhNh

The game is currently selling for $8, and is the first in many Arcade Archive games coming to the Eshop network.

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