New Overwatch Comic: Zarya Hunting Sombra

The newest Overwatch Comic has just landed, and it comes right off the back of the Sombra animated short Infiltration. At the end of the animation, we saw Katya Volskaya call in Russia’s hero Zarya to hunt down, and kill, Sombra. Now in this comic –Searching– we see not only Zarya succeed in that endeavour, but also the results of the subsequent fight.

In the comic we witness Zarya team up with an Omnic, Lynx Seventeen, despite her deep seated hatred for the beings that destroyed her home. However her love for Russia, and her loyalty, outweighs any hate the hero might feel for the robot. Through the course of the comic you will get a few cameo appearances such as Alejandra, the young girl Soldier 76 saved in his animated short.zyMGRED

As it stands, it’s nice to see more of the Overwatch lore get flushed out and I’m curious to see where events proceed to go – especially as more of Sombra’s intentions become clear.

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