New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer: Game Modes and Maps

With Battlefront II coming out this upcoming November, EA has decided to share a trailer depicting the upcoming game. The trailer shows off a variety of game modes and maps, giving gamers a chance to see what is in store for them in their new Star Wars adventure. The below trailer is narrated by Star Wars actor John Boyega, who called for a single player campaign in the previous Battlefront.

As you can see above, the game seems to a have a variety of things to partake in. Though the most exciting, in my opinion, would have to be the 24 player Starfighter assault. Wherein which you get to fly through space in huge space battles – teaching the enemy team who owns the skies.

The trailer also goes over the new Star Card system, a system that has had player worried due to the ability of others to partake in microtransactions. That said, will players with more money be better off, or will skill come out on top. Considering the amount of games that allow for microtransactions, I’m willing to bet skill will triumph over money – though a few extra bucks couldn’t hurt.

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