Zette System: Overpriced Retro Gaming System

It’s no new thing to see high priced gaming items, from games to consoles – the gaming industry wants our hard earned cash. That said, more often than not gamers are willing to pay so that they can partake in the newest RPG journey or have the newest console on the market. After all, we are gamers.

A new gaming console has caught my eye as of late, but not because of it’s cutting edge tech or even its retro gaming capabilities. No, rather the Zette System has caught my eye due to its huge price tag. The console is a whopping €1899.00 ($2,255) for the standard version, and €2399.00 ($2,849) for the arcade version.

Now you might be wondering what the Zette System does to warrant such a high priced figure, and the truth of the matter seems to be absolutely nothing. Other than looking like a stylistic beauty, the system itself only runs old retro games.

In it’s natural state, as you can see above, the Zette looks like a wooden boombox. Both stylish and cool to carry around. When disassembled, the machine has two wireless gamepads and a built in project – which admittedly is cool. The system can emulate a whole host of classic games through the low resolution device, ranging from Super Nintendo to the Atari 2600, with a battery life that lasts up to two hours.

One of the speakers actually is a speaker, as opposed to a projector, and provides sound for your games. It also gives storage for the cables and USB dongles needed to get your gaming off the ground.plqikuhv8cfclxy6tbyk

To those willing to shell out even more on the Zette’s larger cousin – the arcade edition – you can gain a six button arcade joystick as opposed to wireless gamepads.coxlx6lfwg6cxse6khks

Check out the Zette yourself down below:

All in all, the system looks pretty rad but the price point itself is just too ridiculous to put on the consideration list.

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