DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors Announced

Fire Emblem Warriors, the newest game in the Fire Emblem series, has a host of DLC coming it’s way according to Nintendo. The gaming giant has stated that the upcoming Switch and 3DS game will gain three additional DLC packs, which will contain both weapons and characters.

The first DLC is slated to arrive this December and will have characters focusing on the games last installment, Fire Emblem Fates. The second pack will arrive February 2018, and will instead feature items and characters from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. While the final DLC will arrive in March 2018, with Fire Emblem Awakening as its main theme.

Every pack retails individually for $9, however Nintendo is going to offer a season pass that allows you to gain all three for $20 in a bundle. As an added bonus, if you buy the season pass you will also gain Lucina in a bridal costume – as seen below.3292670-2660372104-CI_NS

As it stands, it seems like the game is slotted to have a full assortment of memorable characters for us to use and keep alive throughout the game.

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