Overwatch Free Weekend

For those of you who still haven’t begun to play Overwatch yet, here’s your chance to get a taste of what you’ve been missing. The folks at Blizzard have decided to bless the uninitiated this weekend with a free trial. The trial will be on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, meaning that no one will be left behind. The free weekend began at 11 AM PT this September 22nd and is something all FPS gamers who haven’t tried it yet should give a peruse.

Here’s when everyone gained access to the game, depending on time zones.


The free trial will give gamers access to every single game hero, which currently numbers 25, 16 maps and a variety of game modes. You’ll also be allowed to level up and gain loot boxes, just like any other game, which will carry over should you decide to buy the game.

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