New Left Alive Trailer From Square Enix

A new trailer for Square Enix’s upcoming title, Left Alive, has been released at the Tokyo Game Show. During the aforementioned trailer, which you can find just below, we catch a small glimpse of the upcoming world. Not much is known about the upcoming title, just that it is set in Square Enix’s Front Mission franchise and that it is being directed by Toshifumi Nabeshima, who worked on the Armored Core franchise. Yoji Shinkawa, a character designer from Metal Gear and the Zone of the Enders, will also be working on the title alongside Shinji Hashimoto, a producer for the original Front Mission franchise.

Despite Hashimoto’s involvement in the game, it seems that the game will diverge from previous Front Mission games. Instead the game seems similar to in scope, and look, to Konami’s Metal Gear Solid games.

Left Alive is anticipated on both Steam and PS4 in 2018.

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