Overwatch: Console Players Can Finally Take Shots At Toxic Players

After a considerable amount of time, Overwatch players on both the Xbox One and PS4 have a method to finally report their more annoying teammates.

Overwatch is a game that needs no introduction in the FPS marketplace, as it is both well received and widely played by many. That said, lately the games team dynamics have been taking a hit due to players who feel the need to ruin gameplay with their less than stellar behaviour. This ranges from throwing matches, to out right rude behaviour in voice chat, these players passing the full spectrum of trolldum into outright assholeism.

While PC players have had the ability to report poor behavior for sometime, though to middling success, console players haven’t had the option to try their hand at it. Today’s patch allows for that, introducing the new reporting system that is simplistic in its usage but hopefully very effective in nature. To report a player that has caused nothing but grief throughout the game, merely go to “recent players” after a game and click on the offending player’s tag. From there, click on the “Report” feature. In this section you can select a few different options, from griefing, poor teamwork and the like.btvs2wax5ifg97wocewkoqrqnbhb7nl2gamyvedd

The only thing left to be seen is how effective the system will be. As PC players have yet to see any immediate relief from such behaviour due to the poor management of the current system. With that in mind my own initial feelings towards this change are somewhat skeptical but slightly optimistic.

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