Mad Half-Life Fans Attempt to Bring Down Dota 2 Rating

There’s nothing worse than disappointed fans in the gaming world, as they are the most likely to lash out in their disappointment at whatever they can. In this case, fans for the hit game Half -Life have hit a wall with their aggression and are lashing out against Valves most successful game, Dota 2.

This trend was first spotted by PCGamesN, after which they released that Steam users were review bombing the popular game. The reasoning behind these actions is rather simple, fans are doing this because they believe that Valve’s popular MOBA essentially killed any chances for a new Half-Life game. A belief that seems to stem from the announcement for a new Dota card game called Artifact, as well as Half-Life’s writer Marc Laidlaw publishing what people have come to believe is the proposed plot to Half-Life 2: Episode Three.


With these things in hand, Steam users took their negative reviews to Dota 2. Many of which left negative comments, stating that the MOBA has out right “murdered” the Half-Life seris and that Valve is likely more interested in the profits earned from that game than any single-player game they could create.

They reviews have largely had no effect due to the fact that the game has over 775,000 reviews currently, many of which are positive. This has allowed Dota 2 to keep a “very positive” user review rating unlike GTA 5 when fan’s decided to review bomb it in recent months.

Whether fans are right to be trying to take down a separate games review due to their disappointment isn’t really for me to judge, though I can see how they might feel neglected after years of hoping and waiting. I personally think they should all just invest in a new game, and say goodbye to a dear old friend.

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