Yakuza Online: Upcoming New Game for Mobile and PC

For those Yakuza lovers, in comes a new game from Sega – Yakuza Online. The game will be a free to play PC and mobile title that will arrive in Japan, and hopefully in other countries soon after, in 2018.

It’s been reported that Yakuza Online will be the first of many in Yakuza games set after Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. This particular title will follow a new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga, and is set in Kamurocho, Tokyo. Ichiban is returning to the streets of Tokyo after 17 years in prison, looking to change up the control the Omi Alliance has gained in the city since his absence.YakuzaOnline-2

Ichiban Kasuga story is simple, sad, and cliche but fitting. He was abandoned by his parents and adopted by a woman who runs a snack bar. During this time Kasuga finds himself on the streets more often than in the safety of the snack bar. It’s during this time frame that he runs into an individual from the Aragawa Yakuza and suddenly finds himself involved in the criminal life. It’s this life that helps find him, years later, in jail for a crime another member of the gang committed.

Not much else is known about the upcoming game, but one can only hope that the game is as fun as all the other Yakuza games in the past.

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