Destiny 2 PC Beta Available

Beta time is nearly here for the PC users who have pre-ordered Destiny 2. In an early release, all gamers who pre-ordered the game can now pre-load the beta-client and have it ready for to play this August 28th.

All the early birds need to do is one of two things, for those of you who pre-ordered a digital copy, find your way to and click “Install” to start the pre-load. Whereas people who pre-ordered hard copies of the game need to find their way to to redeem their code.

Normal gamers will get to download the client a full day after, August 29th, and get to partake in the fun that Destiny 2 has to offer with the rest of the early birds.

The Destiny 2 PC beta will only run until August 31st and officially launch September 6th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Whereas PC users will get it at some point in October.

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