Ark: Survival Evolved Launch Trailer

With Ark: Survival Evolved looking to grace our consoles in the immediate future, Studio Wildcard has saw fit to grace us with the game’s launch trailer.

The trailer allows us to a see a variety of things that we can get up to in the upcoming world, ranging from riding robot dinosaurs, to building bases and even – wierdly enough – making friends with otters who can find resources for you.

Check out the trailer below:

If you look into the video’s description section, you can take note that Studio Wildcard seems to have plenty of plans for the game. They state that not only does the game represent a new phase in the developmental journey, but also that the game will continue to become “more fun” in the future. Wildcard hints at various additions in regards to gameplay, story elements and even creatures.

Ark: Survival Evolved arrives this August 29th on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. To huge PC fans of the game this is just the official release of a game that they have had access to for over two years, as Early Access has garnered Wildcard a good rate of success.

Now let’s see if it can find success on other platforms.

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