Overwatch: Mercy’s Ultimate Getting Changed

It’s a month of changes for hero characters in the hit FPS game Overwatch. With D.Va already facing a few changes due to Jeff Kaplan and the team shortening her defense matrix, it’s a surprise to see another big change coming so soon. That said, incoming change has come to the games arguably best healer – Mercy.

Until now Mercy’s sole roll on a team has generally been to heal, and resurrect the whole team in a moment of glory that had you kill the opposing team in a last second play. However Jeff Kaplan and the team seems to believe that this is unfair, stating that: “It’s pretty disheartening to have Mercy just erase [a team wipe] with a full team res”. He has come up with a solution to this issue, and that is changing Mercy’s Ultimate all together.

Mercy’s Ultimate is now called “Valkyrie”, which – when used – allows her to fly through the sky at will. It also has the added benefit of increasing all her other abilities, meaning that she can heal farther, damage harder, and even chain her beams to multiple allies at once.  It’s also important to note that one of your side abilities will now become the ability of resurrection, though unlike Mercy’s Ultimate it can only be used one one player and will have a long cool down time. That said, the “Valkyrie” ability will speed up that process as well – meaning a good Mercy might be able to chain together some resurrects to turn the tide of battle.

The changes for Mercy have already gone live on Overwatch’s PTR. Let us know in the comments below on what you think of the new changes.

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