Overwatch: New Mei Animated Short

A new animated short by Blizzard has been released. The short, called “Rise and Shine”, features Overwatches favorite ice wielder.

“Rise and Shine” shows off Mei’s surprisingly tragic back story out in Ecopoint: Antarctica. Here we find her emerging from a nine year cryogenic sleep, with dead comrades all around her and the realization that Overwatch has shut down in her absence. Her desperation to make it back to Overwatch, and make a difference in the world, leads us on a ten minute journey that features the creation of her Endothermic blaster and an emotional roller coaster.

Check out the animated short below:

The last animated short from Blizzard was “Infiltration” and was released in November 2016, showing off Sombra and a bit of her personality.

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