Nintendo Switch: Getting Unique Rocket League Skins

The Nintendo Switch will be receiving Rocket League this holiday season, and with it comes three unique battle cars. These cars seem like Nintendo’s way of reminding us of better times, and hit us right in the feels.Samus_Gunship

The three unique cars are the Super Mario Bros. themed cars, the Mario NSR and Luigi NSR, both of which feature a specialized rocket boost called Super Star. The next car is the Samus Gunship Battle -Car, which comes with two unique suits and a its own boosts called the Wave Beam.

All three of the cars will be made available for free as special unlockables to all of us who pick up the Switch version of Rocket League. Psyonix has stated that players can earn them “in game by completing certain requirements”, though what those requirements are yet remains to be seen.

Take a closer look at your wheels in action down below:

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