The Escapist 2: Prison Breaks are Fun

The Escapist 2 is a continuation of the Steam hit The Escapist, in which you find new and creative ways to break out of the various prisons you find yourself in over the course of the game. Each location being a bit weirder, or harder than the previous one.

The Escapist 2 has seemingly found success, much like its predecessor, on the Steam network. The game works by adhering to a simple rule: follow routine. While you must escape prison, doing so right away is impossible. You have to slowly build up items, craft tools, and create a rather good escape plan. However, it’s important to note you can’t just engage in all these activities without raising suspicion with the guards. Rather you must adhere to a daily schedule so as to make sure the guards to begin to suspect you of your future plans.

That’s right, eating, sleeping, working, reading, etc, it’s all apart of your daily routine within the game. This ensures that the guards don’t beat you down and take your hard earned gear due to their idle suspicions. So despite it being tedious, make sure to stick to a routine or else you will be faced with a never ending cycle of disappointment.

Normal prisons are hardly the only thing you will have to escape from during the game. You will even get the chance to escape while in transit from one joint to another, ensuring you get a unique experience that might not be afforded to you inside another clink.

The game seems like a lot of fun, and was a surprising find for me on the Steam network. Let us know what you think of the game if you’ve played it, or whether or not you’ll be giving it a try.

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