Call of Duty: WWII’s New Headquarters Feature

Activision has just offered a sneak peak into the latest feature that will be gracing their upcoming game Call of Duty: WII, that being its new headquarters feature.

It does look like a fun addition to the franchise, but be forewarned this new feature will only be available when the game fully launches in November. So don’t expect to see it during the multiplayer beta this Aug 25.

As you can see, this headquarters feature adds a new social aspect to the game that will likely be met with some success. After all, players love showing that they are better than their friends – especially in front of an audience. That’s what features like the ‘pit’ offer, a chance to go one on one with other individuals, in front of a live audience. You can also become the man of the hour in the shooting range, showing everyone that you have the meanest shot this side of the trenches.

To be honest, it almost seems like an MMO town in the middle of a shooter game. Wherein you can show off all your new gear, and align with different groups (clans) while relaxing in relative safety. Alternatively, you can also prove which camp has the better players – putting your team on the map so to speak.

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