Junkertown: New Map on Overwatch

A new map to conquer is coming to Overwatch, and it happens to be the playground of the games looniest character – Junkrat.

The Escort map is set in Australia, and the location is in Junkertown. A place that has long since been given up to the crazies in the outback, as individuals that come from there – Junkrat and Roadhog – can more than testify. That said, Blizzard thought it more than fitting for the crazy duo to introduce the newest map in the trailer below.

The map has no set release date as of yet, though it is known that Gamescom attendees will get the chance to try it out. This leaves us to think that it will be available on the network in short order, so keep your eyes peeled for the newest map and your chance to memorize our newest shooting range.

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