Changes To Overwatch’s D.Va

A new day, and a new change in the Overwatch community has arrived. This change happens to focus on the games most notably powerful defensive heroes – D.Va. In the upcoming change, Blizzard entertainment is trying to ensure that while it will reduce one of the walking mechs abilities they won’t nerf her in it’s entirety.

The change came in response to a forum lobbying for change in D.Va, stating that her Defense Matrix was too powerful of an ability and needed to be changed. With this in mind, Geoff Goodman outlined on the Blizzard forum the changes that have been worked up for the young gamer and that are currently being tested.


D.Va’s main method of defense, the Defense Matrix, now uses up twice as much energy – which ensures that players will won’t be able to use it as often or as long in fights. However, to those crying foul D.Va is also gaining two new traits to balance this change out. One of which gives her the ability to shoot her weapons while flying with her boosters – a feat we currently aren’t able to do mid flight. On top of that, D.V.a will gain the ability called Micro Missiles. The ability, as described by Goodman, “launches a long salvo of small missiles that explode on impact, dealing damage in a small radius around them.” The ability can be used at any time, whether firing the fusion cannons or flying through the sky – ensuring that D.Va’s offensive power has risen accordingly.

When the changes will be made available remains to be seen, and whether or not fan’s will meet them approvingly is also up in the air – yet they are coming. So get ready for a new, and ‘improved’ D.Va on the horizon.

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