Overwatch League: Hard Rules Being Put in Place for Owners

In an effort to look out for players in Overwatch leagues, Blizzard has set down hard rules for how everyone shall be treated by team owners.

The news came on down through a blog post from Blizzard. The article outlined the stipulations that franchise heads like New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft will have to follow. In a nutshell, it seems like Blizzard is ensuring that the players are taken care of – at least for as long as there signed. The team owners are required to give a minimum of a year contract to players, salaries of at least $50,000 a year, health insurance, retirement save plans, and even housing during the season. In short, they are being treated like real life sports players – without the huge salaries. Though they will be receiving at least 50 percent “performance bonuses,” which is defined as money that is earned from doing well at playoffs or league events.maxresdefault

Other rules set down by Blizzard outline how recruitment works, stating that you can hire from any region you want. That said, you can recruit from Korea to America, if you want a player you can grab them.

How all these rules will go for League owners remains to be seen, especially with eSports still being such a tentative experiment for many. However it’s nice to see that Blizzard is trying to ensure that gamers get treated like real people as opposed to just lucky for being apart of the league to begin with.

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