New Monster Hunter: Different Weapons Trailer

Monster Hunter is known for having a variety of different weapons for players to either use or craft in their fight against enemies. To allow new players in the franchise the ability to ease into the new game, a few weapon trailers have been released by Capcom to show off their new weapons.

Like previous Monster Hunter games, the new title will feature 14 different weapon types all weapons have their own abilities and specific style of play. The trailers are broken down into three categories, the first covers light weapons, the second shows of heavy weapons, and the third covers what can be dubbed as more technical weapons.

Check out two of the weapon type trailers below:

This new game, Monster Hunter: World, is the first home console installment in the franchise since 2010. The game apparently features some new mechanics and improvements over the previous titles, and the world itself is much larger and more detailed than ever before.

Monster Hunter: World will be arriving on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in early 2018, and will have a PC release shortly after.

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