Final Fantasy 15: Test Multiplayer Expansion Next Week

Another part of Final Fantasy 15’s season pass is coming to our consoles, and this time it’s the online multiplayer mode called “Comrades”. The online mode is getting a test run this upcoming week, and for all you final fantasy fans is a chance to play with your friends.

A closed test for this expansion will begin this Aug 3rd to the 8th and is only available for those who have the game’s season pass. This test is just a scaled down version of the online games full experience.

The upcoming mode will feature some customizable avatars, though the game’s main characters will make appearances in other updates. That said, for this beta test you will only be playing as your own customizable avatar in some new missions. There will only be three quests currently available, but in the full expansion you will have access to a whole slew of both solo and multiplayer missions with their own storyline. You will also have a collection of weapons to both collect and level up, as well as cities to visit.comrades_screenshot_3.0

Funnily enough, selfies are an included feature to document the fun that you are having with your ‘Comrades’.

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