Pokemon Fighting Game: Pre-Order For Hori Controller Available

Pokken Tournament, the Pokemon fighting game that gained popularity on the Wii U is arriving on the Nintendo Switch this september. This version of the game will support different controller options for your gaming pleasure, this includes both the Joy-Con and Switch Pro Controller. That said, the controller that’s getting the most recognition for the game is Hori’s Pokken Tournament controller which can be found on Amazon.

It is a limited edition Pokken Tournament DX Pro Pad that is a wired USB controller which will launch alongside the game on September 22. The cable is 9.8 feet long and is modeled after the Pokken Tournament arcade cabinet.3264821-9150029550-61Q%2

The DX Pro Pad retails for $25, and it is worth mentioning that players who bought the controller for the Wii U will be able to use the old controller on the Switch version of the game as well. It is also important to note that the controller’s rumble functions, for both version of the controller, may not work properly with other games.

In truth the controller might be something worth grabbing for those of you who are very keen on beating your friends in the 3D fighting game developed by Namco. However with the cord being a cumbersome addition in a world of wireless controllers, and the inability to potentially use the controller with other games, it might not be worth picking up.

Your call though, just make sure you win all your fights.

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