Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds: Getting an Esports Tournament

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will be gaining its first big esports tournament in the near future. With as much hype as the game has been getting as of late it is easy to see that this is an understandable move. Not only that, players everywhere are beginning to gain notoriety in this realm so the tournament is sure to be memorable.

It was announced today by developers at Bluehole and the ESL that the PUBG invitational will take place next month at the Gamescom conference. The news could be considered surprising only because of the way that PUBG is set up in terms of play. Traditionally gaming tournaments have been set in the following formats: 1v1, 2v2, and so on. However in PUBG it is a free for all of up to 100 players that can form tentative alliances, and deal with an on going game of cat and mouse in the attempt to outlast each other. PLAYERUNKNOWNS-BATTLEGROUNDS-Free-Download-PC-GameThis will create a new dynamic for the tournament, and will involve 80 players playing in a three game set to decide a winner for the tournament. There’ll be competitions for all modes of play in PUBG, ranging from solo, duo, and squad.

The prize pool is surprisingly large for such a new tournament, a total of $350,000 being available to the participants. With cosmetic items being sold to the public to also help fund the prize pool and to donate to charities – so be kind if you end up going.

The tournament will take place in August from the 23rd-26th in Cologne, Germany. It’ll be broadcasted on Bluehole’s social media channels at the same time.

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