Pokemon Go: How to Catch A Legendary

The new Pokemon Go update is allowing people to catch Legendary Pokemon, Articuno and Lugia. To catch these Pokemon, you have to participate in its accompanying Raid.

For those who don’t know, a raid is a special limited-time encounter where you and your friends can – and should – team up to fight powerful Pokemon at Gyms. Each Raid will have its own special Pokemon to fight, whereupon you will be given a chance to catch the offending Pokemon. Raids are graded from five to one: Five being a legendary Pokemon, and one being a pretty weak one. A raid will only be accessible for as long as the timer indicates, once the timer runs out the Pokemon disappears.

To access a raid, one must have a Raid Pass. These passes can only be acquired from gyms or purchased from the shop for 100 PokeCoins. It’s important to note that you can only gain one Raid Pass a day, and only up to 20 players are allowed to enter a Raid together. Though I hardly have 20 friends that would be necessary to reach that quota. You can have up to six Pokemon in the raid fight, similar to a Gym battle, so choose wisely.3264299-dfbipjbxcauhens

As to how you can catch Lugia and Articuno, you can only find them in Legendary Raids. Usually this would require you to have a Legendary Raid Pass, though right now it is accessible with a normal pass. So go get them while you can guys.

This fight will have a five minute timer, and once you beat them you will gain 13, 000 XP. That said, if you want to beat these Pokemon your A-Team will be needed in this fight and have a slew of friends ready to throw down with you. After that, start praying that you can catch these Pokemon, and use some Golden Razz Berries to make it easier to catch these Pokemons.

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