Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time New Trailer & Gameplay

Both a new trailer and gameplay was released for the game adaption of popular anime Little Witch Academia during a live stream yesterday.

The stream was translated by others, and showcased the games well known characters Akko Kagari, Sucy Manbavaran, and Lotte Yanson as playable characters. The game will also utilize a song called “Toki no Mirage”, which is performed by the person who sings the endings credits for the anime.

The Luna Nova Academy from the show will be nearly completely explorative, and will also include nearly all the characters from the TV show for your pursuing needs. If you fast forward to 2:48:30 on the video below you will be able to see Akko running down the halls of the school with her friends, fighting monsters in this side-scrolling game. The gameplay it self will allow you to move up and down on the screen while side scrolling to give it some depth, but overall it looks very simple in terms of gameplay.

The game will release this November 30th on PS4 in Japan, and the rest of the world will get the game at some point in 2018. If you haven’t gotten a chance to actually see the anime that this is based on I would advise giving it a try on netflix, it’s actually a rather cute and family friendly adventure.

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