Witcher 3 Mod: Eat Up or Suck

To add to the fun of Witcher 3, and to give gamers a new reason to play through it again, a new mod has been released that adds in the need to eat, drink, and sleep.

The mod is called Primal Needs, and will have Geralt acting sloppier in both battle and exploration if you don’t take care of his base needs. The mod’s creator had this to say about their addition to the popular game: “Primal Needs tries to increase the immersion of the game by adding hunger, thirst and fatigue as well as few other elements into the game…It tries as much as possible to make the needs interesting and enjoyable, while also not ruining the action combat experience. However, by adding these new elements into the game the whole thinking about the combat and preparation changes according to your stats.”

How this mod affects the gameplay varies, for instance when Geralt gets hungry he will begin to lose health steadily once that hunger hits critical levels. Different foods will affect your hunger level differently, and the mod gives them each a different type of expiration date – so use them or lose them.


Lack of sleep will cause Geralt fatigue, which in turn will ensure that he cannot sprint, roll, or even block in some instances. While thirst will ensure that Geralt’s stamina will hit rock bottom, meaning you will be moving around the world quite slowly.

All in all it seems like a fun addition to the game, and will likely cause a few people to replay the game as a means to pass the time. You can find the mod here, and give it a spin yourself if you are a PC gamer. Let us know how it goes guys, my computer can’t handle the Witcher 3 without nearly exploding.

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