Pokemon Sun and Moon Mega Stones: Four New Ones

Pokemon Sun and Moon is receiving four free items in the form of Mega stones via the ever kind  Nintendo. All of you can grab the rare Mega Stones using a special Mystery Gift password.

With the code, you are able to grab Mega Stones for Aggron, Manectric, Tyranitar, and Abomasnow. If you participated in the International Challenge back in May you might already have three out of the four of these stones, but for those who didn’t? Here they are for free. However this is the first time that Aggron’s Mega Stone has become available, so don’t miss out on grabbing it.

To gain the Mega Stones, go select Mystery Gift from the games’ menu screen and input the code “SABLEVOLANT.” After that, go give the deliveryman a visit at any of the Pokemon Centers and boom, incoming Mega Stones.

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