Pokemon Go: First Legendary Pokemon

The first legendary Pokemon is dropping for all players of Pokemon Go, and that Pokemon is Lugia. It was recently revealed at the Pokemon Go fest, as well as the identity of the second legendary Pokemon: Articuno.

Any individuals who were at the Pokemon Go Fest will be gaining Lugia for free, as Niantic’s way to apologize for server issues at their festival. These server issues stopped people from enjoying the catch-em all craze that had gathered people there to begin with, and thus Lugia was given as a form of apology.


The rest of us will have to catch the legendary Pokemon in the originally way it was intended, through a raid battle. That said, soon enough Articuno will likely follow in Lugia’s wake. As Niantic has also announced that due to Team Mystic catching the most Pokemon rewards during the festival Articuno will be released into the wild. Though as to when remains unclear.

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