Dying Light: Free Content For The Year

Dying Light has been out for over three years and despite that it still has an active user base, with about half a million players still going strong in the horror game each week. That said, in a show of support of its fan base, developers at Techland have announced it plans to continual support the game for the upcoming year.

Techland will be releasing 10 pieces of DLC during the next 12 months. These upcoming expansion will give us more in game events, new enemies, new locations to explore, and more. The best part of this being that all the DLC’s coming, and support, will be free. This holds true across all platforms that support the game.


Apparently Techland has also said it will host up to four community events per quarter. They also intend to listen to fans and tweak the gameplay based on fan feedback as the DLC’s rollout. They intend on doing this by opening a dedicated community platform “through which fans will have an influence on what kind of new content is created.”

Dying Light is on the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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  1. Dont care what ppl say. Dead Island is better. The combat in Dying Light feels horrible and weightless. Every “hit” sounds like metal hitting a concrete wall. Theres no satisfaction in melee combat in a game based around melee combat. Ive tried getting into the game on 2 different occasions and even completed the story. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. I then go back to older Dead Island games and feel much better when cutting into enemies. Dying Light sucked compared to others in the genre.


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