Overwatch Doomfist Comic

Doomfist is recent addition to the Overwatch community, though as of yet he is only avaliable for those on the PTR. The rest of us have only had the privellege of seeing him played through secondary sources.

That said, while we wait on his imminent release console wide next week you can read up on him via a short comic released by Blizzard. The comic, titled Masquerade, is a short comic that gives you some background towards the upcoming hero(villain). You can watch the motion comic here, or read the comic here.

Blizzard had this to say about Doomfist and his return: “Years after suffering defeat at the hands of Overwatch, Akande Ogundimu–better known to the world as Doomfist–has escaped imprisonment and reclaimed his place within Talon’s inner council….After getting up to speed on recent events, he decides to take matters into his own hands and charts a deadly new course for the shadowy organization.”

Doomfist will be coming to all systems this July 27th, so get ready for some new hero fun guys.

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