New Battlefield 1 Map Out Now

Battlefield 1 has just gotten a new map, though some of us may have to drop some cash to grab it. The newest map is called Prise de Tahure, and is available to those who grabbed the Premium Pass or the They Shall Not Pass expansion. One other way of playing the map is the Premium Friends service, wherein which you can join in on the fun if your friend has access to the map themselves and you are playing with them.

For the next 7 days, so from July 20th and 27th, players can join in on the Battlefield 1’s first Premium Trials event. This will allow all of us who don’t have any of the Premium Pass maps to give them a try at no extra cost, and to give you a taste on what you’re missing. This ranges from all the They Shall Not Pass maps, to the just released Prise de Tahure map.


Though to those of you who are giving it a go, be aware that you won’t gain any XP from the expansion maps unless you actually own them yourself. It’s Battlefield’s insurance towards making sure you grab the maps yourself.

Prise de Tahure is set in Champagne Ardennes, wherein you can play as either the German or French. All modes, as well as weapons, are supported on the map.

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