Rare NES Game Sells For A Bunch

Sometimes what people pay for video games astounds me, and really highlights why we should never ever sell our games guys. You never know what a game might be worth in twenty years or so, and thus being a hoarder can sometimes come in handy.

The game, Stadium Events for Nintendo Entertainment System, has sold at the outrageous price of $41,977. The game originally, sealed to perfection,  sold on eBay but the person slotted to pay vanished into the wind. The seller than managed to connect with a real buy who decide to pay the original sum, and thus acquire them the ancient game.

Stadium Events had a limited release back in 1987 and was paired up with the short-lived Family Fun Fitness pad. The game is considered one of the first fitness games to have been made and it’s really rare, though I personally can’t believe it sold for that price.

This isn’t the first time that Stadium Events has sold for a large  price, as back in 2015 a copy sold for $35,100 and in 2010 a copy sold for $41,300. That said, if you have a copy of this game go sell it – like now.

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