Humble Bundle: Cheap TellTale Games on The Block

The latest games have been put up on the Humble Bundle website, and many of the games are from the Telltale Games company. A whole variety of episode adventures are available from the developer, and the PC games cover both recent and classic titles from Telltale.

Like usually, you pay what you want at Humble Bundle. However the more you pay the more you will unlock in terms of available games. The first tier, which can be unlocked with 1$, will give you access to the oldest Telltale games. Whereas the next tier, which is unlocked at $7.43, will give you to the more recent games – such as Tales from the Borderlands, Second season of The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. The final tier, which is at $15, will give you Telltale’s Batman series and Minecraft: Story mode.


Other games are obviously available on Humble bundle, some noteable ones being DmC: Devil May Cry, and Dead Rising 3.

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