Children of the Zodiarcs Out For PS4 and PC

A new game from Square Enix’s indie unit has been released, Children of Zodiarcs. The game is a “deck and dice” tactical RPG that is similar to both Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics and is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Players will move their characters around a grid based map, and then proceed to roll a dice and use the cards in their deck to do battle with a variety of foes. It feels like Dungeons and Dragons meets Fire emblem in a rather seemingly fun way.

Check out the trailer below:

The story will have you following a group of thieves who break into a nobleman’s vault to steal an artifact. Yet, like all thefts, it doesn’t go the way we want and we are suddenly being pursued by guards that are equipped with deadly Zodiarc weapons. These characters aren’t trying to save the world or anything so grand, merely make it through alive.

Children of Zodiarcs will be available to download for $18.

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