Splatoon 2: Polite Message To Rage Quitters

No matter the game, whether it be online or off, people get frustrated and quit suddenly. Whether it’s because they can’t pass a certain section of gameplay, or they suck against an opposing team, there are those prone to quitting. The issue with this is only for us forced to deal with a team that now has a numbers advantage due to an individual unable to hold their temper or frustration.

That said, a variety of games have tried different methods to let gamers know that them quitting mid match isn’t an acceptable practice. Splatoon 2 has its own method of dealing with these rage quitters, and it’s both polite but clear in it’s intent. You quit, you get banned – so get it together buddy.

This rather polite, while still calling you out, message was brought to us after this weekend’s Splatfest event, wherein gamers got a chance to test drive the Splatoon 2 game before it dropped.

While unclear how the system will determine between a disconnect and a rage quit, it’s good that Nintendo is trying to handle the issue before hand. I personally doubt the system will be effective at inception, as most systems hardly are when dealing with rage quitters, it can be worked on from the onset as opposed to implemented later.

Splatoon 2 will launch for the Switch this Friday, July 21.

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