Street Fighter EX Developer’s New Game

A new trailer has dropped for the new fighting game that is being released by the company that brought us the Street Fighter EX series.

The game was originally hinted at as an April Fools joke, but it turned out to be a real game. While it doesn’t possess an actual name as of yet, it does have a rather unique returning character. Skullomania, the failed businessman who takes out the frustrations of his failed capitalist life, will be back in his skeleton suit. He was brought into the game series back in Street Fighter EX but hasn’t made a return since.

To those of you who watched the above video, but didn’t click over to see it’s description, the game description states ARIKA has decided to begin development on a PlayStation 4 version of ‘Mysterious Fighting Game (Title Undecided)’ and make a public announcement on the final day of EVO 2017. This game will be the newest entry in the EX Series.”

This new fighting game is slotted to drop this 2018 on the PS4, releasing in all regions across the globe simultaneously.

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