Splatoon 2’s Limited-Time Demo Goes Live

For those of you eager to try out Splatoon 2, you get one more chance to try out the shooter for the Nintendo Switch before its release next week. The Splatfest World Premiere demo kicks off in the US today at 3pm PT/6 PM ET and in the UK at 5 PM BST.

It’s different than the previous testfire held during March, where you could only acces the games during a specific time period. Instead this demo runs for four hours straight and will give players a chance to go toe to toe in the first Splatfest of the season. This is a returning theme from the previous game, wherein you would pick a certain stance on very important topics that have plagued the human psyche. Such as the burning question: What is better, cake or ice cream? Once you pick a side in that particular debate, you will engage in a turf war against the opposing team to prove your decision right.3260450-3363002124-artic

Nintendo has made it known that up to four weapons will be avaliable for the event: the Tentatek Splattershot, remixed versions of the Splat Charger and Splat Roller, and the new Splat Dualies.

Splatoon 2 will release on the Nintendo Switch this July 21st.

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