Multiplayer Mod for Just Cause 3 Launching Soon

Just Cause 3 is getting a multiplayer function in the coming week. The online portion of this game will arrive only on PC, due to a determined group of fans called Nanos GBR – and it arrives July 20th.

According to the Steam listing for the upcoming mod, it will give us “hilarious brawls, stunts, and races” and most importantly of all it will allow you to play with “hundreds of other players.” The variety of modes available seem quite fun, ranging from skydiving, deathmatches, races, freeroam and a whole lot more.


Until now the mod has been available as an open beta, but this will mark the first full launch of the mod. Unfortunately for people who like the Just Cause franchise the mod will remain available only on the PC currently, though Avalanche Studios has admitted to thinking about bringing the mod to consoles.

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