Dating Simulator That is Netflix and Chill Personified

The name of the simple dating simulator is Flix and Chill, and if you are drawing parallels to the name and Netflix and Chill – you’d be correct. The object of the game is simple, you’re trying to get people to come home with you to watch movies and have sex.

The gameplay is a simple point and click, and is divided into five different episodes. You play as a different person every time, but the end goal will always remain the same – sex. One place can take you to a coffee shop, the next into a nightclub, each with their own dialogue options that affect how your night will end.Netflix-and-Chill-game-screenshot-3

The game is pretty short, and not exactly a masterpiece in terms of graphics, but it has some replay value if you want to see the different results of your actions in each episode.

The game is.99 cents on Steam and its sequel will be releasing July 18th – so if you find yourself bored one of these days go give it a try.

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